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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I don't need Freud to help me with this one

I had a crazy dream last night. In my dream I was in jail. I'm not sure why exactly I was there but I was pretty sure it was for something I didn't do. In my jail cell was an old escape hole that I suppose the previous occupant created. One night, when the lights were out I thought I would give it a try. It was very dark and confusing like some sort of byzantine conduit. Eventually I found my way to the end which happened to come out in a secret door behind a shower stall in what turned out to be my friends house. Needless to say he was quite surprised to see me. I explained to him that I had just escaped from prison. He told me that I should keep running but I thought that if I did they would always chase me and I couldn't ever rest. So instead we just decided to have some beers and watch TV and I returned to the jail cell later that evening before the guards realized I had left. And this was to be my life, escaping and re-escaping only to end up in the same place; having to spend my days in a jail cell only to get out once or twice a month when the sleepy guard was on duty and the conditions were just right.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sooner than I expected.

Have you ever been in one of those relationships where you are only doing it because you have nothing better to do? Well I haven't, I just thought it would be a good analogy to my life. But you know what they say, "necessity is the mother of all invention." Unfortunately what I need to invent is a new situation. I'm coming up on the beginning of my 3rd month here and to this day I have probably only spoken about 100 sentences in Japanese. That probably equates to about 22 minutes of speaking time. Granted, speaking practice was only about 70% of the reason I came here. It's true that if I weren't as shy that speaking time would be alot higher but maybe about 2 hours at best. You all know the story, I don't mean to always focus on it but hey, it's my blog so thhhhbbbbttttt!

So let's see, good stuff, good stuff, hmmmmm... I went to some fire and earthquake information building in Ikebukuro where they have a cool earthquake room and a smoke maze. In the earthquake room they have a simulation of an earthquake and you have to run around and turn off the gas and stuff while walking around like a drunkard. It was fun but the smoke maze was the best. The have a fake office that they fill up with smoke and you have to crawl around to find your way out. It's all about safety but it's still fun and the best part is that it's free.

Recently there have been alot of Christmas decorations put up all over the place. I thought there would be some, but there are actually alot here. (You may have seen some of the pictures from my previous post.) So to get in the spirit I put some in my room too. Unfortunately, it just makes my room look like a depressing retirement home where nobody comes to visit the senile old man that thinks everyone is his grandson. It's a nice ambiance I guess, but it also creeps me out a bit too.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm still doing my thing. I'm just not sure why.